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Some companies offer ED pills online without the need for a prescription. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate these products, so they may not be safe. Some might contain harmful ingredients that the manufacturers do not list on the label.

According to the FDA, the number of ED products available online and in retail stores is increasing. However, people should be vigilant and avoid unregulated ED remedies, including those that manufacturers claim to be “natural supplements.”

This article will look at some drugs that help with ED, the risks associated with buying them online, and where to get ED pills safely. It will also discuss some other ways of treating ED.

Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors are medications that individuals can use to help treat ED. These drugs prolong erections by blocking the action of phosphodiesterase enzyme, which triggers the end of an erection. However, a person will need to have sexual drive, or libido, for PDE-5 inhibitors to work.

The FDA has approved the use of four PDE-5 inhibitors for ED:

Drug nameDose
avanafil (Stendra)50 milligrams (mg), 100 mg, 200 mg
sildenafil (Viagra)25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg
tadalafil (Cialis)2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg
vardenafil (Levitra)2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg

Depending on the efficacy and side effects that a person may experience while taking any of these drugs, doctors may recommend a different dosage.

Additionally, doctors may recommend alternative treatments for ED if they determine PDE-5s are not suitable.

For example, alprostadil (Muse), a prostaglandin E1 vasodilator, is a suppository that a person can insert into the urethra of the penis. The same medication is also available in an injectable form called Caverject.

People should not buy ED pills online unless they have a prescription from a doctor and are purchasing them from a reputable online pharmacy. The FDA does not regulate online ED products to check that they are safe.

The FDA states that it has found more than 300 products claiming to enhance sexual performance that contained undisclosed ingredients. The active ingredients in these products included FDA-approved ED treatments, such as Viagra and Cialis.

This means that ED products available online could contain harmful substances or high amounts of drugs that consumers are not aware of. Taking high doses of PDE-5 inhibitors, such as vardenafil, can cause:

Priapism is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment.

The FDA keeps a database of tainted drugs, which is available to view online. A non-exhaustive list of products that contain undisclosed PDE-5 inhibitors includes:

  • Actra-Rx
  • Hero
  • Libidus
  • Naustra
  • NaturalUp
  • Neophase
  • Vigor-25
  • Xiadafil VIP

It is not safe to get ED pills without consulting a doctor or a pharmacist first. ED pills that do not require a prescription may not come from a trustworthy company.

Also, PDE-5 inhibitors can cause serious interactions with other medications. For instance, people who take sildenafil alongside medications that contain nitrates may experience severely low blood pressure.

Drug interactions and preexisting conditions are some of the factors a doctor can take into account before prescribing an ED medication, to ensure that it will be safe and effective.

Therefore, before purchasing ED pills, it is vital to consult a doctor.

The best place from which to obtain ED pills is a licensed pharmacy. A pharmacist can answer a person’s questions about ED pills and provide them with information on the possible side effects.

People who would prefer to fill their prescription online should choose a reputable online pharmacy based in the United States that has a pharmacist on hand to help out with any problems.

Reputable online pharmacies have a seal of approval from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. This proves that the pharmacy is legal and does not sell counterfeit drugs.

A person should not obtain ED pills from websites that display no contact details, have much lower prices than pharmacies, and do not ask for a prescription.

Options for buying ED medication online

How we choose companies

Medical News Today chooses online pharmacies that fit the following criteria:

  • Healthcare professionals: Each online pharmacy or telehealth company uses licensed healthcare professionals, including doctors, that advise individuals and prescribe medication.
  • Prescriptions: Each online pharmacy or telehealth company offers a prescription for medication after an appointment with a doctor.
  • Contact details: Each online pharmacy or telehealth company provides contact details.
  • Privacy: Each online pharmacy or telehealth company has a privacy policy available on its website that describes how it protects people’s credit card and personal information.

Below are some options for buying ED medication online:


Roman is an online telehealth company that provides prescription and nonprescription medication for a range of conditions, including ED.

Learn more about Roman here.

To order from Roman, a person needs to attend a free online appointment with a doctor. The doctor will ask about a person’s symptoms and medical history before prescribing medication, if necessary.

The company also offers free follow-up appointments for ongoing care.

Roman offers the following ED medication:

Drug nameCost
Sildenafilstarting from $2 per dose
Generic Viagra$34 per dose
Branded Viagra$70 per dose
Generic Cialisstarting from $11 per dose
Daily generic Cialis$8 per dose
Branded Cialisstarting from $17 per dose
Daily Cialis$13 per dose

Roman offers free shipping within 2 days of ordering. The company delivers all medication in discreet packaging.

People can refill their prescriptions monthly or quarterly. There are no sign-up or cancellation fees.


Hims is also a telehealth company that offers prescription and nonprescription medication for a variety of conditions, including ED.

Learn more about Hims here.

To order from Hims, a person must first create an account and enter their medical history and symptoms. Then, Hims will connect people with licensed healthcare professionals in their state to discuss treatment options. The healthcare professional will fill a prescription if necessary.

Hims also offers ongoing support and care if a person purchases medication.

Hims offers the following ED medication:

Drug nameCost
Sildenafilstarting from $4 per use
Viagrastarting from $70 per use
Cialis$570 per month
Tadalafil$240 per month
Stendrastarting from $35 per use

Hims offers free shipping in discreet packaging.


Lemonaid describes itself as a national online doctor’s office. It provides prescription and nonprescription treatment for a range of conditions, including ED.

To order from Lemonaid, a person needs to sign up and tell the service about any symptoms they are experiencing and their medical history.

If a person lives in a state that requires a video consultation or telephone call with a doctor, they will need to book an appointment with a healthcare professional through Lemonaid.

Healthcare professionals will review the information a person provides and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. Each consultation costs $25.

Lemonaid offers generic Viagra (sildenafil) and generic Cialis (Tadalafil), starting at $2 per pill.

The company offers free delivery within 3 business days in discreet packaging. People can also ask the company to send the prescription to a local pharmacy.

The American Urological Association suggests some other treatments for ED, such as:

Some individuals may be candidates for the combination treatment of PDE-5 inhibitors and testosterone.

There are also some procedures that may improve sexual performance, including:

Learn more about natural treatments for ED here.

People who think that they have ED can speak with a doctor. A doctor will be able to determine which treatment options are best.

For example, for those with ED and metabolic syndrome, a doctor may suggest a weight loss program that could improve their sexual performance. A doctor can also suggest whether a medication or a procedure is more appropriate.

Anyone taking ED pills should consult a doctor immediately if they are experiencing any side effects, such as:

Priapism is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.

Below are some frequently asked questions about buying ED pills online:

Are ED pills available to buy online without a prescription?

People should not buy any ED pills from a company that does not require a prescription. ED supplements or pills that are available without a prescription can include unlisted ingredients, such as sildenafil, or other PDE5-inhibitors.

Additionally, a person should never purchase ED pills or supplements without contacting a doctor to ensure the medication is safe to take. Certain medications may interact with ED pills and cause serious side effects, such as severely low blood pressure.

How do I know whether an ED medication is safe?

A person needs to contact a doctor to ensure ED pills are safe to take.

Additionally, people should only purchase ED medication from a licensed pharmacy. Licensed pharmacies provide ED pills that the FDA has evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

Which online companies should I avoid?

The FDA recommends people avoid online companies that:

  • sell medication without a valid prescription
  • do not have a state-licensed pharmacist available to answer questions
  • offer very cheap medication
  • send spam or unsolicited emails
  • operate outside the U.S. or ship worldwide

Purchasing ED pills online can be unsafe, as these products are not subject to FDA regulations. They may contain harmful ingredients or high amounts of unlisted drugs. The FDA has already banned numerous ED products.

The safest way to obtain ED pills is to consult a doctor. If the medication is appropriate, the doctor will provide a prescription. A person can fill the prescription at a reputable pharmacy, either online or offline.